Essence of Sreemad Bhagwatam

Rupa Goswami used to perform bhajan in a place near Ter Kadamba in Nandagaon. He would come practically every day to visit Sanatana Goswami when they were both in the area, for Rupa Goswami considered Sanatana Goswami to be his spiritual master. He began the Sri Bhakti-rasamritasindhu by offering his obeisance’s to Sanatana Goswami, his spiritual master. One day, Rupa Goswami wanted to offer some special prasadam to Sanatana. At that time, a very charming little gopi (cowherd girl) brought some milk, sugar, rice, ghee, camphor and saffron and said, “Why don’t you cook this for your spiritual master?” But Rupa Goswami was so busy that the cowherd girl personally cooked it. Rupa Goswami offered it to Sanatana, and they ate it together. The first taste of this khira (sweet rice), brought about uncontrollable ecstatic love; tears poured from their eyes, their hairs stood on end, they perspired, trembled, and rolled on the ground. Sanatana said, “Where did you get this sweet rice?”

“Oh! A little girl gave it to me. She cooked it with Her own hands.” “Tell me about this girl.” When he heard the description, Sanatana Goswami chastised Rupa Goswami, “You have caused me to accept service from our worshipable object of service, Vrindavaneshvari, Srimati Radharani.” Rupa Goswami was very ashamed. But this is the way of Krishna Consciousness simultaneous joy and pain, meeting and separation. Though they were ashamed and feeling pain in their hearts due to having accepted service from Radharani, still they couldn’t stop eating the sweet rice. And that sweet rice was putting them in realms of ecstasy that will never be understood. That night Rupa Goswami was lamenting, but Srimati Radharani personally appeared to him in a dream to pacify him and tell him it was Her desire to teach the world through Her devotees how a devotee does not want to accept service from the Lord, but simply wants to offer service without expecting anything in return. This is the essence of Srimad Bhagawatam.
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