Why would Devarshi Narada ask Sage Ved Vyasa to glorify Supreme Lord Sri Krishna?

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  • Harikatha in Hyderabad on 16 Dec 2011 What is the path to awaken our soul? Any moment we may die- our time is very short, so how can we attain Krishna (Goloka Dham) in this short time? Result of forgetting our actual relationship with Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. What is the way to remove our spiritual doubts? Can we get devotion without sukriti? For whom is The Transcendental Realm Vrindavan EVER- SEALED? Why the narration of Vitrasura from Srimad Bhagvatam is very important to hear? How to remove evil thoughts from the mind? Narration of Appearance of Sri Krishna by Srila Gurudeva from Srimad Bhagvatam What should we do in Ekadashi vrata? How can we enter in swinging pastimes of Sri Radha-Krishna? How we can worship Supreme Lord? How we can worship Supreme Lord? How to get released from the cycles of birth and death? What is Krishna’s guarantee to His devotee? How can we have unity and love amongst us in this Kaliyuga (the black-age) which has all kinds of sins, hatred etc? Srila Gurudeva tells briefly, the benefits of observing the Holiest Vrata of Purushottam Month, sincerely from the heart How can I speak about You? Comparison of different paths to get deliverance from this material world What should we ask to a Sadhu? Can we remember Sri Krishna or His personal associates at the time of death? What is the process of performing devotion to attain Krishna easily? Nothing else you have to do except one thing to attain Sri Krishna in this birth only – what is that? How difficult is it to actually satisfy Krishna? Is there a simple formula for that? What is the main difficulty of this world? How can I Surrender to Supreme Lord Krishna? Everything is done in this Universe by the will of Supreme Lord. But what about sins and crimes? What happens at the time of death? Comparison of offence to a Vaishnav and to other living beings How to explain the pastimes of Supreme Lord Sree Krishna with the Gopis and 16108 wives, to ordinary people who misunderstand Them? How one can become a devotee, even being in a demoniac family? What purification is essential to be able to serve Supreme Lord and how to get it? Glories Of Srila Bansi Das Babaji Maharaj by Srila Gurudev What Srila BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada said about “Nirjan Bhajan”- devotion in seclusion? The special teaching of Sree Narada Goswami and Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur Why we should not ask for money, manpower, erudition etc., the material objects from Supreme Lord Krishna? The Eight Verses Of Shiksastaka by Srila Gurudeva Why initiation from pure Preceptorial channel is essential? Why Sri Sukdev Goswami did not clearly speak about Radharani while He was speaking about whole Srimad Bhagvatam to Parikshit maharaj? Glories Of Laita Sakhi What does your atma (soul) want? Inspite of having wealth and other material enjoyments why human beings are not happy? How we can reduce our worldly sufferings? Glories of Shri Ambarish Maharaj Difference between hearing Harikatha and worldly topics Which is better for bhajan – good health or bad health? What you have to remember always while chanting Harinam?- otherwise you will have to repent later Can a household devotee be higher than an ascetic? Money can give happiness- is it true or false? Can you speak Harikatha? What is even more superior than worship of Supreme Lord? What kind of humbleness is required to attain Supreme Lord? What are the anti-devotional activities? What is the life of our bhajan? What is the actual and best way to do association of pure devotees? Mother Devahuti desired to have a son, but how she could get the Supreme Lord as her son? Why the students of Dhaka University wanted to hear scriptures from Gaudiya Vaishnavs only? Aptitude To Do Harinam Grace of Lord Baladeva Srila Gurudev With Sree Akinchan Prabhu Serve a pure devotee to have the aptitude to take absolute shelter What to ask from a sadhu? Human birth – the opportunity to worship Supreme Lord The grace of sadhu to chant the Holy Name? Two conditions essential for progress in devotion The prayer of Bhaktivinoda Thakur and real Harikatha Sukadev Goswami advises on the highest attainment to Parikshit Maharaj Coming out of material pangs Harikatha descends to the surrendered soul Ambarish Maharaj inspires his citizens with Harikatha Nine types of devotion Reducing the sufferings Shiksastaka ‘Religion’ does not mean ‘Dharma’! World is not False Why would Devarshi Narada ask Sage Ved Vyasa to glorify Supreme Lord Sri Krishna? What is the scriptural meaning of ‘Nirakara’ (Formless)? Why does Supreme Lord Sri Krishna reject karma, gyan and yoga? Why would Krishna as a Braj Gopal, accept the role of thief? Who am I? Love of Supreme Lord for conditioned souls